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In short, we help small businesses advertise easier online and get a consistent exposure on market places and websites where shoppers look for products and services.

We know that most people these days search online to find a service provider or a product. But sometimes it is hard for business owners to keep up with online advertising and post consistent ads. We also know that if advertising is done correctly and consistently, it will lead to more customers and at the end of the day, more money in the pocket.

Here at Classified Pros, we do just that! We are the experts when it comes to show casing your business to thousands of new potential customers every day and generating consistent leads. The leads that we generate are all trackable so our clients know exactly how much they pay for each lead.

We consistently monitor the online world and we always come up with new ways to generate leads for our clients. This will leave our clients to be able to spend more time focusing on serving their customers and not worry about their online advertising.

Regardless of your type of business, we can help you get more customers. Whether you are a one man show providing plumbing services or a furniture store or even a new or used car lot, we know the right places to advertise your products and services to get you more customers.

We like to keep things simple and straight forward too. With us there is no contract, no sign up or cancelation fee and the most flexible billing structure to fit your needs and budget.

One of our account managers will first speak or meet with you to learn more about your business and specific needs. He or she will work with you one on one to put together an advertising campaign that would fit your needs. Don’t worry we do all the work so it shouldn’t take much of your time. After our initial meeting, we can get to work.

Your account manager will then setup your account and marketing campaign and will be your point of contact whenever you need to discuss your campaign, make changes or if you have any questions concerning your account.

Every morning we email you a report that tells you everything you need to know about your account performance. You will never need to go to a website and log in, in order to pull up your reports or take care of billing matters; instead, we email them to you daily. Just like how your daily paper is delivered early mornings, you may expect to see our daily reports early too.

You may make changes to your account at any time by contacting your account manager and you may also cancel at any time. We believe that if our services are effective, you will be our customer for life. That’s how we want to keep you as a customer, not by enforcing policies written in fine prints. Things are simple and get done fast with us.

Our billing system is based on a pay-per-use structure. This will ensure that you are always in control of how much you are spending and you are not surprised with monthly bills. All billing matters are also part of the daily reports, so you are always up to date..

About Us

Classified Pros was born in April 2011

We are a team of very passionate marketing experts and software developers located in beautiful Vancouver, BC. With decades of marketing and computer programming experience combined, we have developed an state of the art system that allows us to efficiently and cost effectively advertise our client’s products and services in the online world.

Our account managers have a very strong understanding of effective advertising and our in house software developers have the knowledge and ability to build complex and powerful applications that ensures accuracy and reliability of our advertising methods.

Our goals are simple. At Classified Pros, we want to give small businesses the same advertising and marketing insight typically available only to large corporations, and we think you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

We come to work every day to help our clients succeed. Give us a call 1 (888) 808-5260 to speak with us.

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